Firecurl Curly Coated Retrievers




Our Firecurl litter was born on 29.12.08

Mum is 


Aspenwood Asperation at Kelsmere



Dad is 

Sh Ch Pepperiever Star Anise




We were lucky to have eight beautiful pups, at just a few hours old, 4 boys & 4 girls all liver.






The pups were named after characters from the Jeeves & Wooster books by P.G Wodehouse in honour of my first Curly Gus whose pet name was Gussie Fink-Nottle.


All the pups are now in wonderful new homes & this is a follow up of their progress.



Purple Girl became Firecurl Bobbie Wickham - Teasel & lives with us causing mayhem & madness around us!

Teasel now has her own web page.


At 10 weeks amongst the snowdrops

At 18 wks




Blue Boy became Firecurl Stinker Pinker - Scuba

Scuba is showing himself to be a duel purpose Curly winning the CCRC novice working test & more recently a RCC judged by Frank Kane at the LKA 2100



Scuba still lives close by with  friends of mine Wendy & Richard & has become best friends with the other Curly in the household Padi















































Scuba shows he's an all round Curly, retrieving from a lake & taking agility in his stride!














Left  -At the Curly Coated Retriever Show winning second place in  the first class & then Scuba won the next class, however I was so excited I forgot to take a photo!




Raspberry Girl became Firecurl Myrtle Snap - Acer

Acer is a true show girl & now has 1 CC and a handful of reserve CC's



Acer has gone to live with her Dad - Star & Auntie Cedar & is adored by her new family Vicki & Janet.












Acer, Teasel & Scuba at the seaside for the first time.


































Acer above showing a flair for agility & right preferring to 

sit on her mum's knee rather than the floor!







           Another first place for Acer at the Curly Coated       Retriever Show & dressed as a 'hippy dog' 

   for the fancy dress!














Orange Boy has become Firecurl Bertie Wooster - Gilbert

Gilbert also shows his dual purpose side working on a commercial shoot every week in Cumbria & also has 3 reserve CC's to his name.




Gilbert now lives with 3 other Curlies - Horace, Edmund & Byron & is much loved by Heather, John, Beatrix & Harriette






















Gilbert 9 months old at his first show - Serious Gil & not so serious 













Gilbert recognized me immediately!

On the right in fancy dress 









And showing he is multi talented  at a novice working test









Everyones favourite Lilac Girl became Firecurl Dahlia Travers & is still called Lilac!

According to her new owners Robert, Charlotte & Carey  

Lilac isn't as angelic as she looks and is nicknamed Crocodile but they love her all the same!



























Yellow boy became Firecurl Chuffy Chuffnell - Tucker

Tucker is having the time of his life in The Netherlands where he now lives with Ans & Bert  & is now a Dutch champion.


















Tucker  - 5 months old on holiday with his family.
















                Tucker at 7 months old - he's turned into the spitting image of his mother!















Tucker supporting the local football club  FC Twente whos local name is the Tukker's.
































Pink girl became Firecurl Agetha Gregson - Tilly


Tilley is destined to be an agility Curly like her mother & lives in beautiful Derbyshire with Richard & Gill and another curly called Jim.














Tilly already showing potential with her agility training!



                                             And at 8 months old










Tilly competing in an agility competition











Green Boy became Firecurl Reginald Jeeves - Silas

Silas is outnumbered by cats in his new home with Bess & Mark but we understand he is showing them great respect


















Silas with his two poodle friends












Silas now 7 months - Silas came to see his brother, sisters & Mum at the CLA Game Fair, he's a beautiful boy & huge......  Pity about that tail but we made Bess see the error of her ways & I hope she's been out with her scissors since?????


Silas has now gone to live with Heather, Brian & Katie a black Curly Coat in lovely Lancashire, no longer a landlubber he's enjoying a life cruising the canals in his very own narrow boat


Silas having swimming lessons







Some of the pups when we can meet up


From the left Acer, Teasel & Scuba - 6 months old

And with their extended family

From the left Scuba, Padi, Willow, George, Teasel, Rannoch, Bob


And we had another gathering at the CLA Game Fair held at Belvoir Castle

Silas came to see us, what a handsome boy & the biggest of the pups so far!

From the left

Acer, Willow, Teasel, Scuba & Silas


Four of the 'show' kids at Driffield Champ Show

Acer, Gilbert, Teasel & Scuba - 9 months old and all so beautiful!


The Firecurl pups celebrated their 1St Birthday on 29th Dec 2009.

A very Happy Birthday to all of them!

We had a party for Teasel, Scuba & Acer as we were having a Curly get together at one of our favourite locations Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, at the party we of course had mum - Willow & uncle George, also Padi, Uncle Bob, Rannoch & their smaller friends Jessica, Isobel, Molly & Abbey.  We had a Party cake, made of liver with a cream cheese icing, mutt loaf, waggy tail cheese straws and it went on, thanks to a doggie goody book I was given at Christmas, all dogs gathered in the awning & not a cross word between them despite the goodies on offer!!


















Below all the Curlies at the Hunting Tower above Chatsworth House working up an appetite for the party!










The 3 Birthday Pups - from the left Scuba, Teasel & Acer







Well done to the pups at their first Crufts Dog Show

Gilbert who got first place in Junior Dog followed closely by Scuba who got 3rd place & Acer who got 2nd place in Junior bitch








Scuba on the left & Gilbert on the right                                                                          Acer


It was quite a family reunion with Tucker, Silas & Tilly's  owners cheering us on from the sidelines, Willow also did well getting a second place in the breed class & first in the good citizens class despite my sporting a badly broken finger!  George & Teasel manned the Discover dogs stall having the equally important job of promoting Curlies to the many visitors at Crufts.


The Fircurl team won 'Best Progany' at the Curly Coated Retriever Show Jul 2010

From Left to Right

Willow, Gilbert, Scuba, Teasel & Acer

The same team after the win

Acer, Teasel, Scuba, Gilbert & Willow


Chatsworth 29.12.10 another  Birthday reunion

The 3rd birthday was spent on the beach at Budle in Northumbria, 3 pups, Acer, Teasel & Scuba with Mum, uncle, cousin & friends!

The 4th Birthday was held on lake coniston in Cumbria & it rained & rained .......