Firecurl Curly Coated Retrievers




Teasel born 29th Dec 2008 

Of the 8 beautiful pups that Willow had Teasel was the one who wanted to stay with us.


Teasel wore the green collar for the first few days & then it was swopped for a more girly purple one!



At 5 weeks old - we already knew she was the one staying with us!

8 weeks before you know it!


First trips out - amongst the snowdrops & then the beach...



With big brother Scuba - they remain the best of friends.



Its a hard life, a growing girl needs her sleep & the biggest influence in Teasels life wasn't her mum but was Great Uncle George.

















                                Scotland in particular the Cairngorms & the Lake District are favorite holiday places for us & Teasel















From top of the mountains to hide & seek in the leaves


                                                                                                        And even all the way to John O Groats












                A great day out doing some agility training






It was an exhausting day.....