Firecurl Curly Coated Retrievers




Gus, George & Willow


Gus & George both came to me though the curly Coated retriever club of Great Britain rescue.

Not all rescue dogs have a problem past as was the case with Gussie, he had been a much loved & cared for family pet it was just circumstances that led him to us.

Gus was 4 years when he took us on as his new family & it was one of my better decisions in life to go looking for him, he was a fabulous dog with a wonderful temperament & he was with us for 7 happy years.


George also came to us from Curly Coated Retriever Rescue at the age of 7 months old, he hadn't had the most brilliant of starts in life, however I can say within 24 hrs he had made up his mind that we were his people &  we were together for 10 wonderful years.


George passed his bronze, silver & gold Good Citizens tests & loved agility - even though he wasn't very good at it, but of course we never tell him that!


Willow our first Curly girl, a challenge from the day she arrived but the dog who achieved so much for me -  the first dog I showed & qualified for Crufts at our first attempt, my agility dog who i competed with & the mother of the first Firecurl puppies.